NTS 03-G+

NTS 03-G +: Multiport Network Time Server

The NTS 03-G Plus is a fully customizable satellite reference clock. It meets the demanding precision and reliability requirements of the Power, Telecommunications and Enterprise sectors.

Multiple Ethernet ports support advanced PTP and NTP time synchronization solutions, while the high drive IRIG-B option delivers legacy device interoperability. This ruggedized platform brings ultimate reliability through Rubidium and OCXO oscillator options, and time sync redundancy through Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) support.

Enhanced security is delivered through fully encrypted and authenticated configuration access. Multiple user accounts are supported with configurable access control. Independently addressable and logically isolated Ethernet ports allow multiple networks to be connected to the same clock without compromising the network security. SNMPv3 and built-in NTP amplification attack immunity coupled with IRIG-B and PTP support makes the NTS 03-G Plus a versatile synchronization solution.

Key Features:

  • PRP Support
  • References GPS & GLONASS networks
  • OCXO/Rubidium options
  • PTP (IEEE 1588v2) Master/Slave function
  • Enhanced security and encryption that exceeds NERC CIP requirements
  • Optional second PSU for redundancy
  • Up to 6 high power IRIG-B or pulse drivers
  • 3, 4 or 6 independent Ethernet ports
  • Configurable timezone settings
  • Remote configuration over Ethernet
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • Configuration encryption and security
  • Isolated power supply

Input/Output Signals:

  • DC IRIG-B or Modified Manchester
  • Fiber IRIG-B
  • AM IRIG-B (Modulated)
  • IEEE C37.118.1 extensions
  • User defined pulses (including 1 PPS)
  • PTP (IEEE 1588v2)
  • SNMP v1, v2c & v3

  NTS 03-G + (3 Port) NTS 03-G + (6 Port) NTS 03-G + (4 Port)


1U rack-mount bracket designed for 19 Inch cabinets.
IP40 (Ingress Protection rating)

(W) 430 mm x (D) 270 mm x (H) 45 mm
Weight 2.0 Kg 2.0 Kg 2.0 Kg
2-line x 16 character FSTN backlit display
2 LEDs indicating multiple statuses, including: Sync Status, Antenna cable fault, Satellite acquisition mode

GNSS Reciver

L1, C/A code, 32 Channel Parallel-tracking receiver
Frequency 1598 Mhz 1598 Mhz 1598 Mhz
Sensitivity (Acquisition): -155 dBm -155 dBm -155 dBm
Sensitivity (Tracking): -160 dBm -160 dBm -160 dBm

Oscillator - TCXO

TCXO (25°C)
<±100 μs/4 hours (24-hours Aging)
<±0.6ms/24 hours (24-hours Aging)
OCXO (25°C)
<±5 μs/8 hours (48-hours Aging)
<±10 μs/18 hours (48-hours Aging)
<±10 μs/24 hours (7-days Aging)
Rubidium (25°C)
<±1 μs/24 hours (7-days Aging)
<±3 μs/72 hours (7-days Aging)
<±10 μs/7 days (7-days Aging)

Network Time server option

Ethernet Ports:
Copper - RJ45 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet
Fiber - ST multi-mode fiber 100 BASE-FX Ethernet, 62.5/ 125 μm, λ 820
nm (available on Eth2 - Eth6)
3 Ports 6 Ports 4 Ports
Accuracy: <100 ns to UTC <100 ns to UTC <100 ns to UTC
- DHCP auto-configuration with fallback to ARP tested link-local address
- VLAN packet tagging
- Auto-MDIX
- Auto-negotiate
Stratum-1 NTP & SNTP time server, Multicast & Broadcast server capability, Optional MD5 authentication.
Supports NTP v1, v2, v3, v4
PTP (IEEE1588 v2) Support
- One or Two Step operation
- End-to-End, Peer-to-Peer or manual delay calculations
- Layer 2 (Ethernet) or Layer 3 (UDP) transport
- Slave only mode
- Default Profile support
- Power Profile support (C37.238)
- Telecom Profile support (Slave only - ITU G. 8265.1)
- Telecom Profile support (Master/Slave - ITU G. 8275.1)
- C37.238 TLV supported
- Alternate Time Offset TLV supported with automatic or manual offset
- C37.238 SNMP MIB supported
- IEC 62439-3 (2016)
- Redundant master clock
- Fast failover slave
- Supports up to two PRP pairs
- PTP (IEEE 1588v2) Default & Power Profiles

(1 pair - Eth2 with Eth3)

(2 pairs - Eth2 with Eth3 & Eth5 with Eth6)

(1 pair - Eth2 with Eth3)
V1,V2C & V3 support can be independently enabled; Configurable V1, V2C community names & security groups; Fully configurable via SNMP; V3 User-based Security Module (USM) support; USM authentication methods: MD5, SHA; USM privacy methods: DES, AES; USM MIB support
SNMP trap generation V1, V2C & V3; SNMPv3 traps can be authenticated & privatised via USM; Syslog (RFC-3164 & 5424 verities


1 x Programmable Output:
ESD protected, RS422 +-3.3 V output, 50 unit loads (3 Pin)
DC IRIG-B (Un-modulated, DCLS) with selectable C37.118.1 and AFNOR S87-500 extensions,
DCF77 time code,
User defined pulses (1 to 1000 PPS)
1 x IRIG-B Input:
DC IRIG-B (Un-modulated, DCLS) Extensions C37.118.1
ESD protected,
RS422 ( -7 V to +12 V common mode range)
1/8th unit load (150 k Ω)
Built in 120 Ω for optional termination (3 Pin)
4 x Programmable Outputs:
DC IRIG-B (Un-modulated, DCLS)
Extensions C37.118.1, AFNOR NF S87-500
User defined pulses (1to 1000 PPS)
DCF77 simulation
BNC: 5V TTL, 150 mA
ST Fiber: TX (62.5/ 125 μm, λ 820
nm), compatible with multi-mode fiber
2 x Programmable Outputs:
DC IRIG-B (Un-modulated, DCLS)
Selectable AM IRIG-B (Modulated)
Extensions C37.118.1, AFNOR NF S87-500
User defined pulses (1to 1000 PPS)
DCF77 simulation
DC IRIG-B: 5V TTL, 150 mA (BNC)
AM IRIG-B: 7.2Vpp 120 ohm output
impedance (BNC)
Timing Accuracy <100 ns to UTC <100 ns to UTC <100 ns to UTC (DC IRIG-B)
<2 µs to UTC (AM IRIG-B)
Power supply alarms (Power A & Power B)
Form A contacts (2 Pin)
2 2 2
Antenna alarm:
Form A contacts (2 Pin)
1 1 1
Sync relay:
Form A contacts (2 Pin)
1 1 1
USB configuration port:
Type B


Power supply options:
- Low (14-36Vdc, 2 pin)
- Med (20-75Vdc, 2 pin)
- High (90-300Vdc, 2 pin)
- AC (85-265Vac, IEC 320 Inlet)
- Low (14-36Vdc, 2 pin)
- Med (20-75Vdc, 2 pin)
- High (90-300Vdc, 2 pin)
- AC (85-265Vac, IEC 320 Inlet)
Power Drain: 12W - 28W max (depending on order options) 12W - 28W max (depending on order options) 12W - 28W max (depending on order options)
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +65°C
-10°C to +60°C (Rubidium)
-10°C to +65°C
-10°C to +60°C (Rubidium)
-10°C to +65°C
-10°C to +60°C (Rubidium)
Humidity: 10 to 95% RH (non-condensing) 10 to 95% RH (non-condensing) 10 to 95% RH (non-condensing)


Windows-based configuration software is available for download on www.tekron.com.
Remote configuration over Ethernet includes the following user adjustable features:
- Multi-level access control
- Privacy & authentication methods equivalent to SNMP USM
- “Supervisor-mode” prevents non-approved changes
- Test mode
- Commissioning tool
Timing & Synchronization:
- Worldwide daylight savings and local time configuration.
- Adjustable hold-over times
- Antenna cable delay compensation


Villámvédelmi készlet

The antenna lightning protection kit affords additional protection through the use of an impulse suppressor installed in the antenna lead-in coax cable. In the event of a lightning-derived high voltage surge occurring on the coaxial cable, the impulse suppressor activates, short-circuiting the cable directly to the protection ground. Kit contents (all components required to install lightning protection are included): - Impulse Suppressor - Self-amalgamating tape - 2 x N-type Male crimp style connectors to match antenna cable - Crimp Tool to match the above connectors (RG59).

Antenna tartó

The antenna mounting bracket is an adjustable 500mm powder-coated steel bracket for securely mounting the timing optimized antenna option.

Antenna kábel

High performance CNT-240 cable, factory-fitted with a TNC-type male connector at one end, and a SMA male connector at the other. Cables are available in standard 15, 30, or 60 meter options. Contact our sales team if you require other custom lengths.

Timing Optimized GPS/GLONASS Antenna

Dual GPS/GLONASS antenna radome that boasts exceptional out-of-band rejection, specifically designed for industrial/static timing environments. The antenna includes a pipe-mounting plinth that is designed to fit the antenna mounting bracket accessory.


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